An introduction to Customer Journey Mapping


How to get started with a Customer Journey Map

“You won’t believe what happened to me on my last flight!”

Imagine you’ve just started telling a story about a flight to one of your friends. Was it a great experience or was it the most horrifying flight you’ve ever had? Maybe you were upgraded to first class or perhaps you had to sit next to a very noisy and talkative neighbour.

I bet you had a similar conversation about an experience you had at least once this last week.

You may not have realised it, but you have just talked through the basics of creating and understanding a customer journey map - a popular user experience technique used in many design thinking practices.

Simply put, customer journey mapping is a graphical representation of a customers experience - capturing their actions, thoughts and feelings of a particular product or service your company may have.


Journey mapping can be used for any customer experience, whether it be online, in a store, at an event, or on a mobile phone.

At Pixel Fusion, we work closely with businesses to help them understand their customers. Here are some things to consider before going ahead with creating a customer journey map:

• Understand your customers - talk to them!

You’ll be surprised how many companies have not taken the time to talk to their customers and find out what they would like or need. Understanding your clients and the environment they use your product in, are the keys to success. There’s no need to be scared, customers don’t bite! They are often happy to tell you what they want and will appreciate that you have taken the time to help improve their experience.

• Identify pain points and the moments of delight

While you learn more about your customer you’ll find out about their thoughts and feelings. They’ll tell you if something was annoying, confusing, surprising or if they got stuck in the traffic and didn’t make it to their destination at all.

Tip: All those bad experiences you’ll recognise are your potential areas for improvement.

• Consider your internal processes as well

Journey mapping workshop is a great opportunity to talk to your team about what the company or product is doing at each customer interaction. Be sure to involve team members that are exposed to customers on a regular basis to find out what obstacles they need to face every day. You may find out that some of your internal processes greatly affect your customers' experience.

• It’s alive!

This is crucial - the customer journey mapping, like most of user experience tools, is not set in stone. Remember that while you’ll be refining the processes, the experience for your customers will change and so will the map. If you’re looking to implement an agile process into your business, a customer journey map is a great way to start as you’ll be able to identify what and where to improve, prioritise the issues, observe changes and iterate quickly.

You’re ready!

Start on your own customer journey map, or invite the Pixel Fusion research team onboard so we can go on a journey together! Send us an email on and ask to chat with Danka – I’ll reply to your mail and we can get chatting.