How to work well with Customer Success Managers


How clients can successfully nurture their relationships with their customer relationship manager

As Customer Success Managers we have one key goal – make sure that our clients are successful. Ultimately, we are the champion for our clients and we are always looking for ways in which our next interaction can be of value to them.

Our focus is totally dependant on you (as the client) meeting your goals and objectives. The more you ‘win’ the more we ‘win’. So how can you help us to help you?

• Tell us your goals and vision.

Your CSM’s role is to make sure that whatever the team is delivering is in line with your goals and vision. This includes their internal meetings and decision making. By giving them a clear understanding of these, you can empower your CSM to be an advocate for you, even when you are not there.

• Agree on joint & measurable KPIs

Goals are not very effective without measurables. So it’s important that throughout your project and even after delivery you have agreed targets that will help both parties gauge the health of your project / product. By cementing these upfront, you will keep your CSM accountable and make sure that they give you accurate reports and insights that are hugely valuable.

• Give them an idea to comeback to you with

We spend most of our time trying to be proactive in coming up with ideas / initiatives or anything that may be valuable to you. Why not give us an idea or a problem for us to solve? We jump at any opportunity there is to help our clients, and by saying, “We have this new idea - what do you think?” will empower us to go the extra mile for you.

• Provide honest feedback

Remember when your CSM asked you, “Is there anything we can improve on?” This is your opportunity to be heard. We don’t know what we don’t know, so feedback is everything to us; if we know what we can do to make your engagement with us better we will surely do our best to make it happen (it’s our job!).

Remember that our goal is to make sure you get the most amount of value from our engagement, not in the short-term but for the long-term. Whatever the level of engagement is with your CSM, chances are that the project you are partnering with them to deliver is of strategic value to you.

You will be surprised how much more useful and valuable the relationship can be if you can think of it more strategically too. Empower them with the knowledge and understanding of where you are trying to head, then challenge them to comeback to you with ideas that will help you to achieve those!

As a Customer Success Manager, I love sharing ideas and discussions on how clients can build solid foundations where innovation can thrive in their businesses. If you’re interested in chatting with me about innovation, watch this video below and share your thoughts with me on LinkedIn here: