Promoting your brand with Stackla.


How to use User Generated Content (UCG) in your website to promote your brand

It is true that these days social media is used all over the world for both personal and professional reasons. It goes without saying that smartphones, in conjunction with social media, have made everyone a content creator and this provides marketers with a huge amount of visual content that can be used. Nowadays, there are many tools that can be used to manage user-generated content, however, in this post I would like to give special attention to Stackla.

Stackla gives you the ability to discover, manage, and display user-generated content from over 25 different platforms. This includes the most famous ones such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Its AI platform is very powerful, scalable and flexible. It can be used for any advertisement, campaign, commerce and many other things that may require UGC (User-Generated Content).

What is UGC?

User-Generated Content is defined as any type of content that has been created and shared by people that are not getting paid — like a sports fan for example. The content itself might be any kind of media related to your brand, ranging from pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets to blog posts. So in this case, if you use an UGC platform to manage this content, you can use all these things to promote your brand without hiring anyone.

Why Stackla

We have done some market research about UGC platforms and in the end — Stackla offered a great deal; it is flexible, easy to use and gets the job done. The widgets are flexible enough so that you can add your own CSS to fit your current website design colours and layout and, at the same time, it is really simple to integrate this with any JavaScript library/framework (We have used it for both React and Vue components).

#otherpeoplethink  —  Auckland Art Gallery Homepage

#otherpeoplethinkAuckland Art Gallery Homepage

What have we done with Stackla?

Our first experience using Stackla was with one of our biggest clients, Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA), an Auckland Council Controlled Organisation that works to enrich life in Auckland by engaging people in the arts, environment, sports and events. Their idea was to increase the user engagement with their social media as well as to promote their brand for all five business units: Auckland Art GalleryAuckland ConventionsAuckland LiveAuckland Stadiums and Auckland Zoo.

For most of the websites from RFA’s portfolio, we have added Stackla as a Widget to promote the business unit brand and events. With Stackla dashboard, content editors can curate the content and filter only important media that they want to display on their website.

In the case of Auckland Zoo, they are using Stackla widgets for advertising photos that are posted by users using the #AucklandZoo on Instagram and also to advertise a blockbuster science exhibition called ‘Bug Lab’:

#BugLab  Stackla Widget —  Auckland Zoo Bug Lab page .

#BugLab Stackla Widget — Auckland Zoo Bug Lab page.

Auckland Zoo recently created a campaign called ‘Zoo Snaps’. It is a 12-month competition encouraging their visitors to get out to the Zoo and capture some nice pictures to be shared with the #ZooSnaps and #AucklandZoo hashtags. In this campaign we have used both Stackla Widget and Stackla GoConnect.

What is GoConnect?

GoConnect allows you to go beyond the social networks to accept direct contributions from your website visitors.

That’s it. Basically, your users can either share their pictures on social media by using the hashtags or they can just go to your website and use your Stackla GoConnect form to upload their pictures. This makes life easier for people that can not or do not want to use Instagram for example.

GoConnect is really easy to use, it allows you to personalise the CSS to fit your website design. You can choose a good range of fields to include in the form, such as Name, Email, Image, Comment and Terms and Conditions.

So using a combination of both social media content and GoConnect gives you a larger amount of UGC to curate and to share within your product.

Stackla GoConnect —  Auckland Zoo Snaps page.

Stackla GoConnect — Auckland Zoo Snaps page.

In conclusion, UGC is very useful. It can be used by any brand to promote itself. There is a good range of platforms that can help you to promote your brand and to increase the user engagement with your social media.

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