What is a Lean UX Canvas?


An introduction to a Lean UX Canvas

How you can use it to generate hypotheses using business problems, outcomes and ideas to define learning a strategy to improve your product.

A lean UX canvas is a popular workshop tool created by UX consultant Jeff Gothelf, and serves as a step-by-step guide to both understand the current landscape of business and customer needs, and acts as a catalyst for the creation of hypotheses to validate. The canvas is also available to download on Jeff’s website. 

When should you use it? 

This is a great tool for companies who are new to user experience and may be unsure of which direction to take. The canvas guides us through areas of the current business situation so we are able to identify areas that may need more clarification (e.g. there may be some sections we know less about - if so, let’s find out!) with the main output creating hypotheses for us to validate. 

How do you do one?

The process for completing a lean ux canvas is actually very easy to follow! Each topic is ordered by number from 1-8 and descriptions are provided so each section is easy to understand. What is important, is making sure the right members of the team are included - a mix of management and customer-focussed staff will help fill out both business needs, identifying customers and their needs.

Where do we go from here?

Once the canvas has been filled in we can get started on validating some of the assumptions we have. If a lot of solution ideas are dependent on a particular product or assumption, it’s important to go out and test this assumption. If it’s proven to be valuable, then those solution ideas can continue to be evolved, if not, remove them from your scope of work and carry on validating other ideas you might have. Our goal is to learn and validate our assumptions so that we have a clearer direction a product should take, removing risks and unusable or unwanted solutions as we go. In the end you should have a good understanding of what can and can’t (or shouldn’t) be done in order to continue building a solution that’s right for your business and your customers.

Ok, so what’s next?

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