New and Exciting Web Technologies

The new Web APIs can make both web developers, and your website/digital product users happy.

2018 gave us Chrome version 64 through 71 that featured the implementation of a number of new and exciting web technologies that include ResizeObservers, CSS Paint API, Typed CSSOM, Page Lifecycle API, CSS Scroll Snap, Web Locks API, and plenty more. Why is this exciting and why should you care?

Why is it important to stay informed/be in the know about new Web APIs?

New Web APIs allow applications to do more exciting things. This enables developers and designers to offer better, unique, and modern user experience. Just like responsive websites that were enabled by the CSS @media rules (that were first implemented in IE6) are no longer optional, the new Web APIs help us build increasingly engaging and powerful websites that the users engage with better.

How are new Web APIs born?

API drafts are initially submitted to the Web Incubator as proposals. Proposals that gain enough support and are adequately refined are then handed to W3C Working groups, which work on turning the drafts into official specifications. Browser vendors then have to implement those features and make sure that the implementation adheres to the standard.

Availability of new APIs and the benefits of going green.

Previously, in order to enjoy the benefits of the most recent web technologies, users had to regularly upgrade their browsers. These days, the evergreen browsers automatically update themselves and make the new features available to users as soon as they are implemented by browser vendors. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari are all evergreen.

Where can I learn about new APIs?

MDN is the place that consolidates most of the reference information for modern Web APIs, making it No. 1 core reference documentation of the web. Google has recently rolled out that aims to become another ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn new Web APIs.

The Web platform is the best place for you to experiment, whether you are a developer or a business looking to further promote your brand or advance your digital product and see positive results. It is constantly evolving to include new standards that empower you to experiment and meet needs of your user in innovative ways.

Try either MDN's Web API reference or the guides at to advance your web dev skills and see what the Web platform has to offer to you and your clients.