Pixel Fusion Live | Episode 1 | Fresh Start

Welcome to our first ever live episode of the Pixel Fusion Talk Show, a news show for professionals in the Digital Product Industry who want to stay on the leading edge of innovation.

On this week’s Pixel Fusion Talk Show, we explore what a digital product studio’s office typically needs to have, we take a sneak peak of the office move, and we talk about what a customer journey map is and the value they create.

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Use the timestamps below to fast-forward to our top stories in the replay above.

  • 1.14 Who Pixel Fusion is

  • 2:33 What we look for when choosing an office for a digital product studio

  • 4:40 About the CX journey mapping workshop we're holding on 3 Sept 2019 from 7-10am

  • 5:42 What a customer journey map is

  • 7:55 The value customer journey maps create is not a deliverable but rather a tool – Katherine Barrow (CSO) tells us why this is so

Learn how to do Customer Journey Mapping effectively — Hands-on Live Workshop!

The Customer Journey Mapping Basics Workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to lead or participate in customer journey mapping – from Vice Presidents, Directors, Department Managers such as Customer Experience, Marketing, Strategy, Product Management, HR, Operations, Technology, and Customer Success, and participating teams. The expert workshop facilitators will show you their proven techniques they use every day. The Customer Journey Mapping Basics workshop is a hands-on training event from your friends at Pixel Fusion.

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