Pixel Fusion Live | Episode 3

This is the third live episode of the Pixel Fusion Talk Show, a news show for professionals in the Digital Product Industry who want to stay on the leading edge of innovation.

Join us as we discuss Guerrilla User Research, and answer a question that was sent in around preparing for a journey mapping workshop.

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  • 0:05 Hello from our Co-Hosts

  • 0:20 Guerrilla User Research: a quick and accessible way o get info from users

  • 2:20 Q&A: What can one do to prepare for a journey mapping workshop?

  • 3:26 Scope Matrix explanation and download

  • 5:33 Q&A: DO people journey map prospective problems they’re aware of or do they pick a specific section of the journey and map that to see what outcomes there are?

  • 6:50 Thank you to our viewers

Links discussed in this episode:
• Scope Matrix Download link:: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a29e707f43b55b329f9b3af/t/5d6496d7a39224000190e35a/1566873305340/CJM+Scope+Matrix+%7C+Pixel+Fusion.png

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