Pixel Fusion Live | Episode 4

This is the fourth live episode of the Pixel Fusion Talk Show, a news show for professionals in the Digital Product Industry who want to stay on the leading edge of innovation.

Join our host Lauren Yeoman, with special guests Craig Boxall (Founder & CEO of Pixel Fusion) and Anton Vasetenkov (Developer at Pixel Fusion) as they discuss progressive, web and native apps and why it’s worth understanding your options when building and testing products.

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  • 0:15 Hello from our host and guests

  • 0:25 When you say app, and I say app, do we mean the same thing?

  • 1:45 Explanation of a progressive, web and native app

  • 2:00 Native apps, like Uber

  • 2.35 Web apps, like Slack

  • 2:56 Progressive apps

  • 3:40 When should you consider a progressive app or a native app?

  • 6:46 What is an evergreen browser?

  • 10:25 Benefits of progressive apps

  • 13:44 Benefits of native apps

  • 18:25 What should you do when starting to think about building an app?

  • 22:26 What does it mean to wrap an app?

  • 26:54 Thank you to our viewers

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