Hayden Judd passes reins back to Founder, Craig Boxall after a successful tenure as Pixel Fusion’s CEO

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Pixel Fusion has announced that after 4 years as a leader spent building and optimising the business for scale - most recently as its CEO - Hayden Judd will be handing back the reins to the Founder, Craig Boxall. Alongside Katherine Barrow (CSO), Boxall will lead Pixel Fusion into its next phase of growth, redefining what it means to be a leading partner in supporting NZ’s flourishing innovation ecosystem.

CAPTION: Craig Boxell, Hayden Judd and Katherine Barrow

CAPTION: Craig Boxell, Hayden Judd and Katherine Barrow

Says Craig, “Hayden has had such a positive influence on me, our team and the growth of our business over the past 4 years. Although he will be greatly missed, his leadership style was all about building up our culture and underlying systems to thrive on their own and so Hayden’s legacy will live on, and be a real part of supporting our future growth. I wish Hayden all the best with his new role at Method, and I look forward to staying in touch as he does great things there as well.

Working alongside our amazing team at Pixel Fusion, and the clients we are privileged to partner with, has always been my passion and I’m excited to return to the helm alongside Katherine. The time spent over these past 18 months outside of Pixel Fusion while Hayden and Katherine led the business, has given me the opportunity to gain valuable perspective on the product design and innovation ecosystems, and I’m looking forward to leading us through the next exciting phase of our journey.”

Katherine says,” In his time as CEO, Hayden has nurtured a rich and collaborative team culture, while equipping Pixel Fusion to thrive in the future. I have found working alongside him over the last 4 years highly rewarding, and have seen the business grow under his leadership.

Hayden’s combined focus on business and culture lays the foundations for the team to continue to deliver exceptional quality work for our clients. Craig and I are incredibly excited to continue to build upon his legacy and lead Pixel Fusion forwards with a refined strategy and vision.

Hayden’s energy and passion will be missed,  however I know that he will bring the same fantastic leadership and expertise to his new role at Method, and I wish him every success.”

Hayden says, “I have spent the last four years working with incredible people who are doing incredible things at Pixel Fusion. Of course I’m sad to be leaving, but I’m also confident that now is the right time. My role as CEO has been about nurturing this highly performant culture and supporting it by building robust, scalable business processes to help drive our success. It’s been a blast! But with all those processes in place and a strong team to nurture and deliver world class innovation, I can hand the reigns back over to the founder and previous CEO, Craig Boxall.

Craig and Katherine are perfectly placed to navigate Pixel Fusion forward, combining their natural ability to lead a business with their progressive vision for supporting NZ’s innovative companies, and will continue to bring huge value to Pixel Fusion’s clients.” 

Today, Pixel Fusion are a team of digital navigators, leveraging their ability to help their clients find their ‘true north’ and navigate the constantly changing waters of the digital landscape.  By collaborating with clients, they’re able to assist them in three ways simultaneously: to build digital capability and an innovative mindset, align digital strategy with business objectives, and define and nurture their competitive edge through innovative culture, governance and process.