What Dual Track Agile is, and how it's done successfully and when's best to use it

What Dual Track Agile is, and how it's done successfully

Dual Track Agile is an agile software development and organisational model that separates the effort to discover the best solution from the effort to deliver working software. It consists of two tracks of activity: discovery and delivery. This sees a bringing together of Lean UX and Agile Scrum delivery.

The objective of the discovery track is to validate ideas quickly and efficiently, while the objective of the delivery track is to build, test and deploy production-ready code. By leveraging Dual Track Agile, teams are more focused, reduce their rework and significantly improve their ability to plan while still retaining their agility.

Why Customer Success Managers Are Important They're the glue between clients and companies

Why Customer Success Managers Are Important

True collaboration between companies and their clients is achieved by Customer Success Managers who are able to strengthen the relationship bond between the two. There’s nothing better than a person who has the interested of both sides at heart, and who is able to facilitate and communicate this successfully.

What Agile Methodology is How to become Agile

What Agile Methodology is

It seems everyone is talking about ‘being Agile’ or working at an 'Agile company these days. But what does it all mean, and how can you tell whether a company is really Agile or not? Let’s start with an introduction of what it means to be Agile in this world of digital products, innovation and technology.