Senior Software Engineer

We’re looking for experienced Developers/Engineers to join our talented team. We need confident, motivated engineers who’ll need to be able to hit the ground running.

Our project base is growing and we need a reliable roster of developers to help us manage and then grow. We are primarily interested in 'Backend' skills at the moment, to work with and complement our talented Designers and Frontend Engineers. We are happy to embrace the contractor style of working or equally work together to see if perhaps there is a long-term career for you at Pixel Fusion.

Who are we?

Pixel Fusion is an award-winning team of designers & developers crafting world-class digital products for exciting startups and established enterprise business alike. We’re ripping up the rule book and taking a fresh look at every challenge that comes our way.

Why you’d love being a part of our team

We love technology. We love how it can be used, and we love the challenge of finding new and delightful ways to incorporate it into what we do. Everyone at Pixel Fusion is passionate about the opportunity we have to design and develop products that have a positive impact. The development team is backed up with an amazingly talented product design team that work together to create exciting and innovative products, allowing you to play with new tech as well as put to task your existing skill-set at a very high level.

As one of New Zealand’s leading digital product design & development studios, we get the opportunity to work with a variety of interesting people, across a wide set of industries. This keeps the mind constantly challenged and the skills honed. We’re not afraid to use new and exciting technologies - in fact we encourage it. Although we have some solid go-to's, we’re all about mixing it up and using the right tool for the job.

You'll be based at our beautiful office in the old textile mill in Parnell, Auckland. We have a great work environment, with all the amenities you'd usually expect.

Get in touch if…

• You are practised at rapidly orienting yourself in existing projects, quickly becoming productive and adding value.

• You know the web - you've built and shipped web applications to production, and know what it takes to design, build, run and maintain one successfully.

• You're probably familiar with a couple of languages/frameworks (We build in mostly Python, <modern> PHP, NodeJS, and some Golang)

• You have a strong practical knowledge of related technologies, especially Open Source software and Cloud services

• You work well with a team.

• You're not keen on labels or being pigeon-holed, but you'd probably fall into the category called 'backend' these days. You've also had to dabble in the frontend occasionally - at least enough to hold a smart conversation with some specialists and understand how everything fits together.

• Perhaps you know some infrastructure; you may have a started out as a developer but have gotten into designing and building the architectures and infrastructure that runs the web too. Ideally, you have started down the automation path and get the "infrastructure as code in the cloud" paradigm.

• You appreciate the modern ways of building and delivering software into production - pipelines, CI/CD, automation and are comfortable setting this up and helping others.

• You put your integrity and ethics first as a decent human being who enjoys working with good people in a respectful environment. No rockstars, ninjas or heroes needed; just somebody who is enthusiastic, good at what they do and great to work with. We genuinely love getting up and coming to work each day and we want you to also.

• You don't need to tick all these boxes (just the last one!). If you are the type of person we're looking for we know you'll be able to fill any gaps quickly and we'll support you doing that.

Sound like you?

Thinking about a career path with Pixel Fusion? Get in touch with us for a chat and apply now to sit on our ‘virtual bench’, and next time we’re hiring we’ll get hold of you first.

We’d love to see examples of what you have worked on, what role you played and any thoughts you have. We want to get to know you and your journey to see if we can take the next steps on that journey together.