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Immersive Training Workshops Designed for Individuals and Teams

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The first step in exceeding customer expectations is to know what those expectations are

We are living in a time of unprecedented innovation and change - with every innovative new business model or ground-breaking digital product, customer expectations are rising. It’s no longer enough to simply satisfy customer needs - you need to exceed them. Meeting this challenge requires businesses to embed customer-centric thinking and empathy across their entire organisations.

Customer Experience (CX) places the customer at the heart of the business, driving strategic decisions, and creating key differentiators and new value streams. However, taking the first step towards a CX strategy can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you get your team and stakeholders on board? How do you prioritise initiatives? The answer is with a Customer Journey Map. We have created a range of workshops to arm teams with the tools they need to create effective and action-oriented customer journey maps for their businesses.


What is a customer journey map?

A Customer Journey Map is a visual and engaging representation of your customer’s end-to-end experience with your business or product. They capture critical information including customer needs, expectations and pain points, and ultimately help identify opportunities to improve and innovate. This bird’s eye view of your customer journey not only helps focus and prioritise CX efforts, it acts as an important tool in creating alignment and shared understanding across your team.

• Cast a light on overlooked areas of the journey, illuminating new and innovative ways to delight your customer.

• Place the customer’s journey at the heart of the business and inspire customer-centric conversations and strategy

• Drive action, turning insights into innovation and new value for both customers and business

• Create alignment across teams and inspire a customer-centred mindset

About our journey mapping workshops

These hands-on training workshops are designed for customer-focussed team members, managers and leaders across both B2B and B2C businesses. They will teach you a multidisciplinary approach to customer journey mapping research, design, implementation, and how to use journey maps to drive measurable change in your business.

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Hands On

All of our workshops are practical and hands on. In groups, you’ll work through real world examples, apply these tools in your own context. With a strong focus on group learning, you’ll leave with new skills and new contacts!

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Action Focussed

Pixel Fusion workshops focus on creating actionable change. Every workshop includes strategies for turning your insights into measurable actions that create new customer and business value.


Facilitated by Experts

Our facilitators have years of practical experience applying Customer Journey Mapping to real business problems a huge range of industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge, tips and practical advice to each workshop.

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The PF team helped us map out touchpoints with our customers we would have otherwise overlooked. Together we mapped out more efficient and valuable journeys to maximise engagement.
— Matt Monk - Kea

Who is the workshop for?



Stepping outside your comfort zone and championing CX? This workshop will give you the tools you need to get stakeholders on board.

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Charged with embedding CX across your organisation? Learn how to use customer journey maps to align your team and drive change.

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Part of a great customer-centric team? Expand your team’s toolbox and learn to apply journey mapping to product, strategy, marketing and more.

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Driving innovation in your organisation or start-up? Use journey mapping to expand your perspective and spot new opportunities to create value.

Choose the journey mapping workshop that suits you

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Journey Mapping Basics

Our Journey Mapping Basics workshop will arm you with the tools and processes you need to successfully create a journey map for your business or product.

Date of next workshop: Tues, 3 Sept 2019
Time: 7am - 10am
Cost: From $99 per person

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Insights to Action

Our Insights to Action is a great follow-up to our introductory course, or a perfect next step for someone already experienced in creating journey maps.

Date of next workshop: TBA
Time: 7am - 10am
Cost: $99 per person

About the workshop facilitators

Katherine Barrow, CSO and Journey Mapping Facilitator

Having successfully designed and implemented consumer journey maps for clients like Child Cancer Foundation, KEA, AAG, and Auckland Live, the Pixel Fusion team of subject matter experts will use real project expertise to equip you with the approach, tools, and knowledge to successfully employ consumer journey mapping in product design, service design, marketing, and business design.

The workshop team is led by Katherine Barrow, Pixel Fusion’s CSO and an inspiring facilitator and strategist. She plays an instrumental role in shaping and growing businesses – from establishing user-centred design practice and building a world-class UX team, to consulting to clients on digital strategy, UX and innovation.


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