Deliver on your goals.

While you have the delivery process running like a well oiled machine, you're still struggling to identify and maximise on new opportunities.

But don't worry - you have momentum rolling! The good news is that levelling up just requires a touch of alignment, a little bit of insight and a sprinkling of human-centric thinking.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

By embracing continuous improvement, aligning your goals, and focusing on human-first design, together we'll unlock the full potential of your products and achieve remarkable success.

Common questions?

The Defined Product Level is the third of four stages in your journey to best practice product delivery, and is where you start to transition from a focus on just delivery to maximising opportunities and full alignment.

The biggest challenge at this stage is the transition from seamless delivery to user-driven and design-led thinking. It's a mindset change, and one you will need buy-in on from key stakeholders to truly see an impact.

We help clients solve this challenge by getting opportunity mapping and validation processes in place that help you establish an opportunity roadmap to feed into you product roadmap. But we don't stop there, we help identify, validate and implement new opportunities, allowing you to add more value and innovate more quickly, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Staying at the Defined Level means that while you're delivering on your product roadmap, you're not investing in new opportunities that can help your organisation grow and stay relevant in an ever-changing market.

As we've seen with new technologies (such as generative AI) opportunities to innovate and differentiate are growing exponentially, to properly maximise on those opportunities you need a clear design and validation process that ties into and feeds your continuous delivery cycle.

The longer you wait, the bigger the gap. If all of your time and focus is on product roadmap delivery you won't have any resources or bandwidth to maximise on new opportunities that haven't been thought of yet.

The next level is called Optimising for a reason. At this level you have best practice product processes in place, and are always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

To get to this stage you need to outside of the product deliver process, and invest in the time and resources needed to build an opportunity map process that's aligned to your organisations goals. Lastly you need a team to identify, validate and implement opportunities on a regular basis, alongside your usual product delivery cycles.

Need some help? We're here to support you on this journey! Our expert team has helped many clients stay ahead of the competition with innovative solutions that deliver human-focused value and nail your organisational goals.

Anthony van Beek
Developer. Pixel Fusion

Our team is here to help you transition from the defined phase to the optimising phase with ease and a smile on your face.

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Let's get creative together

With our expert team and your passion and knowledge, we'll make sure your product is working just the way you want it to - both now and in the long term.


Let's unlock new opportunities

We'll help you identify, validate and implement new opportunities that add value and improve your product, so you can stay ahead of the game.


Let's sprint towards success

No more awkward starting and stopping. We integrate the best options into our sprint cycle, ensuring that we keep the momentum going.

"Their developers are well-experienced & knowledgeable, as well as being curious and keen to get into code to either resolve problems or create new features. Pixel Fusion work with you and your goals and will always work for your best interest and not their own. They want you to succeed and be supported every step of the way."

Sinéad Nicholls, eCommerce Project Coordinator at PETstock