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We’re Pixel Fusion. A digital product & innovation studio helping you take on the world with creative solutions and a no-fuss approach.

Keen to get the ball rolling? Lock in an initial chat with our CEO and kick inertia to the curb.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

Keen to get the ball rolling?

Lock in an initial chat with our CEO and kick inertia to the curb.

Why do businesses choose us?

Businesses across Aotearoa, Aussie, and the globe, choose us time and time again. Why?

We get you where you need to be, quickly. Our team of senior developers plug straight into your existing work and team, working seamlessly with you to bring your product to life. Creating a solution that has the legs to last and keeps on delivering.

Hear what our legendary clients have to say about their Pixel Fusion experience.

What can we help you with?


Increase performance, ensure stability

You can focus on your business and not worry about tech headaches.

○ Infrastructure & cost review

○ Monitoring and alerting

○ Performance optimisation

○ Disaster recovery

○ Security updates


Nail down what needs to be done, and when

Stuck on where to start? We can help with planning at any stage - and then make it happen.

○ Goal alignment

○ User research

○ Product roadmapping

○ Feature prioritisation

○ Identifying MVP


Get building and kick some business goals

Once a backlog of work is prioritised in line with your goals it's time to get things moving!

○ UX-led design

○ Agile product development

○ Sprint planning

○ Continuous delivery


Build a lean, mean enhancing machine

We can help identify and validate opportunities to add value or improve your product.

○ Product analysis

○ Customer research

○ Journey mapping

○ Opportunity scoring    

○ Rapid prototyping 

“It's been a markedly strong relationship, they’ve got a really good core team of people who know our projects really well, it does feel like they're a part of our team we don't have a huge delineation. On our dev team level, they're really, really close.”

Frances Valintine (CNZM), CEO & Founder of academyEX
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