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Building a strong foundation to drive future innovation for one on New Zealand's best-loved museums

By implementing a long-term content management solution, and building a new online store, during the COVID lockdown, Pixel Fusion was able to create a seamless user experience and lay a foundation for future innovation. Their ongoing relationship with MOTAT allows them to continue to maximise new opportunities and leverage the foundation that has been established.

  • Content management solution implementation (Contentful)

  • User-centric design approach

  • Future-focused website design and development

  • eCommerce store development (Shopify)

  • Strategic digital platform development

  • Solid technical foundations for global scale

  • Continuous delivery and agile development

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The museum was seeking a digital platform that would reflect their vision, create a seamless user experience, and lay a foundation for future innovation.

The museum chose Pixel Fusion as their partner due to the agency's extensive arts, culture, and events experience, world-class technical and design expertise, and future-focused, innovative approach.

Pixel Fusion took a design-led approach, embedding user-centric design into every phase of the project. This approach was informed by the need to deliver value in the present while building a solid foundation for future iterations of the product. The project's goal was to communicate MOTAT's new direction, enabling a more innovative and cutting-edge future for the museum. Pixel Fusion was tasked with creating a streamlined, user-centric experience that allowed users to complete their tasks simply and quickly, and that would showcase the museum's technology and innovation vision.

Having identified the existing website experience was a low point in the customer journey this project aimed to create a website that would remedy that. Pixel Fusion's development team brought a broad range of technical expertise to the project, ensuring that the proposed solution delivered both immediate and future value towards each of MOTAT's strategic objectives. The decision to implement Contentful as the key content management system was a cornerstone of both MOTAT's Digital Strategy and Master Strategy.

Pixel Fusion's goal was to empower the MOTAT team at every step of the way, building an open relationship and providing the tools to do this. The result was a future-focused website that showcases the museum's technology and innovation vision, creates a seamless user experience, and lays a foundation for future innovation. This digital platform powers more than just MOTAT's new website, enabling the museum to achieve its strategic objectives and support its team.

MOTAT website

Unlocking new opportunities and building off the foundations laid. 

During the challenging times caused by COVID-19 lockdowns, Pixel Fusion helped MOTAT unlock new opportunities and continue expanding on the groundwork that had been laid. With the success of the new website, MOTAT decided to further grow its digital presence by building a new online store using Shopify during the COVID-19 lockdown. The pandemic had caused the museum to close its physical doors, but the online store allowed it to continue selling merchandise to support the museum's operations.

Pixel Fusion worked with MOTAT to design and develop the online store, ensuring that it integrated seamlessly with the existing website and provided a smooth user experience. Shopify was the perfect platform for this project, allowing MOTAT to manage its store easily, accept payments, and track inventory. The result was an online store MOTAT used to continue generating revenue during the pandemic while also serving its supporters and customers.

Following the successful launch of the online store, MOTAT decided to extend the Contentful platform to support interactive digital displays for new exhibitions, such as the aviation display hall. This was a significant step for MOTAT, providing visitors with an immersive, interactive experience that showcased the exhibits in a new way.

Pixel Fusion worked with MOTAT to design and develop interactive digital displays, ensuring they integrated seamlessly with the existing Contentful platform. The result was a set of exhibits that combined cutting-edge technology with MOTAT's collection of historic artifacts, creating an experience that was both educational and entertaining for visitors.

Pixel Fusion's partnership with MOTAT has been a great success, with the delivery of a future-focused website, an online store, and an expansion of the Contentful platform to support interactive digital displays for new exhibitions such as the Aviation Display Hall.

MOTAT store

The ongoing relationship between MOTAT and Pixel Fusion will continue to explore new opportunities - leveraging the solid foundation that has been established.

With the website and online store, Pixel Fusion has provided MOTAT with the necessary tools to communicate its vision of technology and innovation, while also delivering a streamlined user experience that allows visitors to complete their tasks easily and quickly. The expansion of the Contentful platform has enabled MOTAT to create interactive digital displays that can be easily updated and managed by the MOTAT team, empowering them to keep the content fresh and engaging for visitors.

Moving forward, Pixel Fusion will continue to work with MOTAT to ensure the website and online store stay up-to-date and explore new opportunities to enhance the visitor experience. The partnership between MOTAT and Pixel Fusion will continue to evolve, empowering MOTAT to educate and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

MOTAT ADH hall display
MOTAT school
MOTAT hero Trams
MOTAT tram
Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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