Skypark by AJ Hackett


Kicked inertia to the curb and finally cleared that backlog.

Skypark by AJ Hackett, a leading adventure tourism brand, worked with Pixel Fusion to clear their backlog of work, resulting in significant improvements in site performance, user experience, and conversion rates.

  • Backlog prioritisation and sprint planning

  • Website performance optimisation

  • Checkout experience redesign

  • Roller booking system implementation

  • Infrastructure migration for site stability

  • Continuous delivery and agile development

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Skypark - stuck in a rut post their brand-new global website launch.

Skypark by AJ Hackett is a world-renowned adventure tourism brand that has been leading the industry for over 30 years, having pioneered commercial bungee jumping. With sites located across the world in places such as Cairns, Macau, and Sentosa, Skypark provides exciting experiences for people of all ages and adventure levels. However, after going through the process of building a new global website to support their locations, Skypark found themselves struggling to keep up with the ever-growing list of small changes and backlogged requests.

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Frustrating for stakeholders across all locations, Skypark knew they needed to find a solution to clear the backlog and get their momentum back.

That's when they turned to Pixel Fusion for help. Who quickly jumped in and began working to clear the backlog of work, focusing on high-priority items to unblock Skypark's teams.

Pixel Fusion's work with Skypark didn’t stop with clearing the backlog.

They continued to work with Skypark on an ongoing basis to increase the performance of their sites and maximise conversions. One of the key projects was the redesign of the checkout experience to support multicart purchases. This change helped improve the overall user experience and made it easier for customers to make multiple purchases at once.

Another critical project Pixel Fusion helped with was the implementation of a new booking and reservations system across all key sites. This new system streamlined the booking process, making it faster and more efficient for customers to book their experiences. Additionally, Pixel Fusion migrated Skypark's website from Azure to AWS, resulting in smoother and easier deployments, along with a significant uplift in site performance.

Thanks to Pixel Fusion's help, Skypark was able to get out of the backlog hole and start delivering regular improvements. The sites are now much faster, more stable, and better aligned with Skypark's current goals.

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Skypark has a solid and stable foundation from which to keep growing and providing thrilling adventures for their customers.

Pixel Fusion’s approach involved getting close to Skypark’s teams to fully understand the priorities and goals of the organisation. This collaborative approach helped build a strong relationship between the two companies, which was critical in delivering successful outcomes. Moreover, Pixel Fusion's team was highly experienced and knowledgeable, enabling them to provide Skypark with valuable insights and recommendations on how to improve their website and customer experience.

Overall, the partnership between Skypark and Pixel Fusion was a resounding success, resulting in significant improvements in site performance, user experience, and conversion rates. Thanks to Pixel Fusion's support, Skypark is now well-positioned to continue growing and providing customers with thrilling adventures they will never forget.

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Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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