Attracting international students post-covid


In collaboration with Education New Zealand and academyEX, Pixel Fusion helped deliver a new online learning experience that showcased selected short courses from 20+ New Zealand tertiary providers to an international audience.

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  • Custom Enrolment Process

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Post-covid Education NZ needed to attract international students back to New Zealand.

Post-covid the education sector saw a significant drop in the number of international students choosing to come to New Zealand for study. With the appetite for online learning continuing to grow globally, Education NZ wanted to pilot a new online learning solution that could aggregate a variety of short courses from across New Zealand.

The aim of this pilot was to enable education providers, and relevant institutions such as Te Papa, to diversify and access new global learning opportunities to drive greater interest and lead generation in New Zealand education courses.


The challenge - a quick pilot to explore the international appetite for New Zealand specific short courses.

Pixel Fusion (in collaboration with academyEX) was brought in by Education NZ to deliver an engaging branded website, enabling users to easily browse, taste and dive into an array of different short courses.

With over 50 courses spanning 20+ education providers, an innovative approach to exploring and identifying courses that interested prospective students was key. To complete the seamless approach, a low-barrier enrolment and payment process ensured users gained immediate access to course material and could study in the way that best suited them.


The results? Over 1,000 course enrolments, and a wealth of new learnings

Due to the nature of the pilots tight delivery timeframe, communication between all delivery partners was absolutely critical. Working in concert, teams across design, development, analytics and content creation worked in sync to deliver the pilot on time, and as planned.

Post a successful launch in early 2023, the new website and platform achieved over 1,000 enrolments by international students, alongside a wealth of analytically insights to help Education NZ shape future initiatives.

"The team has been outstanding, particularly with their patience, flexibility and creativity."

Cara Jacoby, Programme Manager of Education New Zealand
Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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