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Unleashing a new era of online learning

Collaborating with Education New Zealand and their visionary partners, Pixel Fusion delivered a custom branded Learning Management System and website, empowering global learners with access to over 300 courses and redefining the landscape of online education.

  • Future-focused website design and development

  • Innovative navigation and browsing experience

  • Re-branded Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Solid technical foundations for global scale

  • Continuous delivery and agile development

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Imagine learning that's as flexible as your interests, as diverse as your career goals, and as accessible as your device.

Education New Zealand (ENZ) dared to envision this very scenario with their ambitious Study with New Zealand Online project. Collaborating hand in hand with academyEX and Pixel Fusion, a product studio that thrives on digital innovation, ENZ embarked on a transformative journey.

The challenging task bestowed upon Pixel Fusion was to construct a captivating new website integrated with a customised rebrand of the academyEX LMS solution (previously built by Pixel Fusion). These platforms were strategically designed to link learners from diverse corners of the globe to over 300 alluring courses thoughtfully curated by New Zealand's premier education providers.

The true magic of the project emerged through the harmonious convergence of visionary partners, each contributing their unique expertise and passion.

Champions of innovative education, academyEX headed up this project alongside Education New Zealand (ENZ). ENZ served as the guiding star, charting the project's overarching objectives and direction. Together, their visionary perspectives were the driving force behind this ambitious endeavour.

Ghost Partners and Osynlig worked closely together, meticulously refined the white-labelled LMS interface to entice learners with intuitive navigation and visual splendour.

As a long term partner of academyEX, and the original architects of the LMS platform, Pixel Fusion harnessed their digital craftsmanship to reshape the LMS and deliver a new website on time, and on budget.

Working within the tight confines of budget constraints and ambitious timelines, Pixel Fusion rose to the challenge.

Collaboration across multiple agency partners and stakeholders required meticulous planning and transparent communication on all sides.

The fusion of Pixel Fusion's agile delivery process with the collective wisdom of their collaborators resulted in the triumphant unveiling of the Study with New Zealand Online platform on time, and on budget. Seamlessly integrating technical prowess, user-centric design, and data-driven insights, the LMS and website transformed into a sanctuary of learning. Here, learners could seamlessly explore, enrol, and interact with courses, nurturing a vibrant global learning community. This collective effort bore fruit, as Education New Zealand now boasts a world-class online learning hub that not only empowers learners for excellence but also serves as a showcase of the nation's educational prowess to the entire world.

In summation, the Study with New Zealand Online project stands as a testament to the monumental impact of collaborative innovation, heralding a brighter, more engaging future for learners worldwide.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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