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1 week investment, 1 quantum leap for your team

“We’ve used sprints to assess the viability of new businesses, to make the first version of new mobile apps, to improve products with millions of users, to define marketing strategies, and to design reports for their next strategy by the team at Google building the self-driving car, and by high school students working on a big math assignment.”
— GV

Startups, Government organisations and Enterprises share similar challenges:

Ideas need to be validated; complicated questions need answers; projects need to be fast-forwarded: Departments, business units and teams are diverse – often functioning in isolation; Stakeholders are cautious, and amongst the red tape, time, budget and resources are hard to spare. But something needs to be done to become unstuck.

Although the problems they share have many moving parts, the solution is far simpler.

It’s a new way of thinking and it’s called a Design Sprint.

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What a Design Sprint Is

A design sprint is essentially a focussed, 5 day workshop with your team and experts that makes a huge amount of progress in a very short time.

Today the Design Sprint is the ‘greatest hits’ of business strategy, innovation, behavioural science, and more  –  packaged into a step-by-step process that any team can use.

Tired of process meetings without resolution, fruitless brainstorming sessions and action without results, Jake Knapp with John Zeratzky and Braden Kowitz of Google Ventures created the transformative formula for solving problems and finding answers to complex challenges.

This new way of thinking brought about a deliverable of great value – answers to complex questions and challenges solved through a carefully designed, collaborative five-day process.

Time, money, and risk factors are greatly reduced leaving reportable ROI and valuable solutions as a treasury to present to stakeholders to get buy-in or investment.


Design Sprints are ideal for addressing 4 main types of challenges:

Solve business challenges: We have a business/client problem and aren’t sure about the best way to solve it.

Answer a question:
We have a question without an obvious answer and we’re not sure how to go about answering it.

Facilitate breakthrough ideas: We have an idea we want to validate to see whether it’s desirable and feasible, and worth doing or not.

Kickstart progress:
We’re struggling to gain momentum / make progress on a project, and aren’t sure where to start.

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“The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching” - GV.
This means you can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions,
before making any expensive commitments” - Jake Knapp.

Why Cutting Edge Organisations prioritise Design Sprints 

The versatility of the Design Sprint has seen Fortune 500 companies, pioneering start-ups like Uber, Airbnb and Slack, and corporate giants including Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon IBM, NASA, and BBC innovating and transforming their progress by incorporating sprints into their businesses.

Why do a Design Sprint?

• Get actionable results and make critical business decisions, fast
• Validate your concept and test your idea using an inexpensive prototype before committing to them
• Acquire a backlog of creative ideas to continue with
• Decrease the level of risk
• Reduce costs: save on unnecessary expenditure of time, resources and finances
• Increase the return on investment with a quantifiable result
• Foster alignment and agreement from key stakeholders and your team
• Get stakeholder and investor buy-in using validated data you can depend on

At Pixel Fusion, we've conducted design sprints with a range of organisations from Corporates like ASB, Fletcher Building; to Government/Council-type organisations like Kea, Auckland Live, Auckland Art Gallery to Startups like Mnyou and Homeshare.


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