Human-first innovations that stand the test of time.

The best digital solutions are agile, human-focused, and carefully designed to set a strong foundation to build on well into the future. We bring heart, curiosity and knowledge - you bring the dream.

Selina Chen
Developer, Pixel Fusion

We partner with you to deliver what you need today, and set you up for the future.

Transforming how you deliver

For us, great partnerships are all about trust, connection, and collaboration. We don't do arms length. Our team loves plugging right in with yours, sharing opinions, knowledge and ideas both ways. And probably a few dad jokes too.

It's the journey that makes it special. From the first meet cute, to those initial obstacles we overcome together, through to a strong working relationship where we are tightly aligned on the same goals.

If that sounds like you, let's grab a coffee sometime and see where it goes?

From your high level strategic roadmap, through to next months hit list, we're here to help you prioritise and refine what needs to be done immediately, and plan out how the rest can follow.

From being your soundboard to deep technical design, together we help you get your dreams mapped out. Our expertise and agile approach gives you clearer oversight over what can be reasonably achieved, so you can deliver against your goals.

With a clear prioritisation process in place, we can establish a continuous delivery flow - it's the gift that just keeps giving. From smashing out those smaller stakeholder requests on time, to launching a new MVP to test in market, our agile methods ensure your BAU keeps running smoothly, and you can tackle those big projects too.

Why not have your cake and eat it?

With the right technical foundations in place you have the ability to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new opportunities, and new technologies, to boldly go where you haven't been able to before.

You decide the destination, we'll build you the rocket to get there.

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Organisations across Aotearoa, Aussie, and the globe, love partnering with us over the long-term. Why?

When you need us we're always there, and we always care. Plus we build great stuff that lasts. It's that simple.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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