Bring it all in-house

You’ve developed your MVP, mastered continuous delivery and made your product better than ever before, so what’s next for you? Bringing it in-house!

Shifting product internally can come with a lot of questions - how do you build a great product team? Who do you hire first? What roles do you need right now, and what roles will you need later down the line? And that’s if you’re a technical person. If you’re not, then things could get really difficult - how do you know you’re hiring the right people in those critical first few roles? Luckily, since we’ve been there from the start, we’re more than ready to help with this exciting next phase.

From safe hands to safe hands

By this stage, we know you guys pretty well. So, we’re on hand to help you build the perfect team to keep your product going strong. From planning our your hiring needs, to managing the handover process, we're here ever step of the way to guide you through to success.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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