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Move over projects, and make way for products. Confused? Not to worry! We think in products rather than projects, this isn’t a three-month commitment on our end. We’re here to transform your ideas into an MVP, or minimum viable product. Developing your product so it’s set up for success when it goes to market with enough features and functionality to hit the ground running. We know, it kind of sounds like the ‘minimum’ isn’t a high standard, but all it means is getting you live in action, followed by iterating and evolving the product from there to keep up with technology, updates and continuously optimise your product. But we’ll get to that part later! For now, let’s focus on how we push ‘minimum’ to the max.

Andy Tang
Developer, Pixel Fusion

The first step to getting an epic MVP out to market is getting the planning right. Sound boring? Not at all.

We’ll work with you to scope it all up, establish priorities,and keep you involved across the board with access to our task management system. A winning combo for transparency and great planning; two vital parts of a great productisation process.

Plan A, every time.

We work with you to scope out the project in advance and guide you from thinking about your product as a one-hit wonder to understanding it as a nimble product with the ability to evolve to maximise opportunities and get fantastic results.

We then fully plan out your MVP and can focus on developing and delivering your website, mobile app, eCommerce site, API Integration, Solution Architecture and Software Management sooner rather than later.

See everything clearly with access to Jira, a top of the line product planning and delivery software that fits seamlessly into our agile system, breaking down tasks within a bigger idea into small bite-sized pieces.

With Jira on our side, poorly defined requirements, projects going off the rails, out of scope, and down the drain are all in the past. We make sure this doesn’t happen by using Jira to keep all requirements visible and aligned with stakeholder needs and your business KPIs.

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Selina Chen
Developer, Pixel Fusion

We don’t just do what we’re told - but that’s why you hired us. We’ll lend our expertise to any situation and help you learn how to manage a product prioritisation backlog effectively.

We don’t just do teamwork. We make the dream work.


We collaborate internally and keep you in the loop.

With access to your Jira backlog, you’ll get a clear overview of the work being done, as well as the work that needs doing. We’ll define and story point every ticket or task, so you can easily jump in and understand what’s happening.


Sometimes the unexpected happens, when it does we deal with it.

We keep you in the loop with Slack (our communications tool) and Jira, so you’re aware and can see us doing this. And if something’s moving out of scope, we can address that too.


With clearly defined tasks in place, we know what work needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

We’ll also help structure your backlog and sprint delivery timeframes, so you can get your product to market when you need it to.

- helping you take on the world with creative product solutions.

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We work to your goals

No matter what your goals are - from launching on a specific date to ensuring localisation is in place for entering a new market, we’ll help you sort out what needs doing when.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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