Human to human, that's how we like it.

We're a bunch of quirky humans that just love working with other humans - growing, learning and having fun along the way. We're here to collaborate, talk straight, challenge ideas and bring the love. It's just how we roll.

Damian, Amy & Selina
Selina Chen
Developer, Pixel Fusion

We're all different and a bit quirky. One thing we share though - is that we all love a challenge (and dumplings).

What makes us, us?



Looking after our people always come first. That simply means we love and support our people to be their best selves. We look after us, so we can look after you.



We're not interested in quick-and-dirty fixes. We care about the entire process, from why your initial idea excites you, through to the quality of what we deliver.



We could get deep here on how we are continuously curious, feeding the mind to feed the soul. But we also LOVE dumplings, fried chicken, and all tasty edible things.

- we're a bunch of great humans, building great stuff

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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