Reinventing education, with tailored solutions.

In a world where one-size-fits-all learning solutions fall short, we're helping organisations to redefine education via tailored experiences designed to inspire, engage, and empower.

Stand out from the crowd

As standard online learning solutions become more commonplace, personalisation and innovation are key to captivating your learners. Custom learning solutions that align to your learners unique needs and preferences help foster deeper engagement, collaboration and knowledge retention.

Anthony van Beek
Developer. Pixel Fusion

We love getting to know our clients over the long term. It's great feeling like we're all part of one big team, kicking goals together.

Why Pixel Fusion?


Here for the long haul

We work with our clients over years, sometimes even decades, to help deliver long-term impact. We love to collaborate and help set you up for the future.


Your safe pair of hands

Our team is made up of seniors that know their shit. We're familiar with most tech stacks, and focus on building solutions that last the distance.


Innovate for the future

We're your soundboard to try new things, explore those out there ideas, and test out innovative new solutions that can help shape the future of education.

- we're just great humans, building great stuff.

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The great teams we work with

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Shaping the future

We've had the joy of working with some amazing people!

From helping academyEX bring micro-credentials to New Zealand, to helping uplift digital skills for small businesses via Digital Boost, to creating well rounded confident humans with the William Pike Challenge, we're incredibly proud of the education focused projects we've collaborated on.

“It's been a markedly strong relationship, they’ve got a really good core team of people who know our projects really well, it does feel like they're a part of our team we don't have a huge delineation. On our dev team level, they're really, really close.”

Frances Valintine (CNZM), CEO & Founder of academyEX
Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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