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Helping an iconic New Zealand brand take on the globe

Pixel Fusion played a key role in helping the beloved kiwi brand, Allpress, become a global icon by providing technical expertise and support to transform their eCommerce business, create a new global brand website, and form a full in-house development team.

  • Customer experience led design

  • Global brand website and eCommerce platform

  • Localisation using Contentful + Shopify Plus

  • Cafe finder app development

  • Solid technical foundations for global scale

  • Continuous delivery and agile development

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Supporting a great local brand to become a global icon.

The name Allpress might be a familiar one. You might have seen it on your coffee cup, at your local cafe, or even heard it crop up in a conversation with friends about your most loved coffee blends. Starting out in New Zealand, Allpress can now be found all over the world, supplying over 1,000 independent cafes in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Japan. At the forefront of their business are two things - producing speciality coffee, and building quality relationships. So, it’s no surprise they reached out to Pixel Fusion to act as their tech team. 

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Taking the taste of New Zealand global.

Starting off as a coffee cart in 1986, Allpress is now bringing quality coffee to the world. Before Pixel Fusion came into the picture, Allpress’ primary focus was B2B, with their D2C arm of the business being very much an add-on to the core offering. Having experienced rapid growth, the cracks were starting to show in the existing eCommerce platforms - WordPress and WooCommerce.

But, here lay a phenomenal opportunity. Allpress identified there was a demand for speciality coffee in the online D2C space and knew they could rise to meet it. By re-platforming their then-clunky and overly complex systems, Allpress could overhaul their D2C channel, elevating the customer experience and bringing it to the forefront of their business, and seize this opportunity. Knowing their existing websites, architecture and online experience weren’t going to cut it, Allpress reached out to Pixel Fusion for a critical ground-up review and transformation to get to the places they wanted to be.

“The Pixel team developed a great understanding of our full business and have been a key part of our growth, allowing us to reach a scale where we’ve been able to transition to a full-time in-house development arm for the business which has always been the long-term goal.”

Ben Mitchell, Head of Digital at Allpress Espresso

Laying technical foundations to support global scale - delivering for the present, and building for the future.

When Ben Mitchell, Head of Digital, first came on board, the Pixel Fusion and Allpress partnership was in its infancy. Having come highly recommended and with an impressive track record, Pixel Fusion was set the task of rebuilding Allpress’ existing eCommerce platforms and architecture. After a deep dive into Allpress’ existing solutions, Pixel Fusion guided them to the most effective solution, identifying and solving any limitations or constraints. Knowing they were extremely protective of the Allpress brand, the plan of attack also needed to nail the elements of the look and feel throughout the build.

Bringing to the table a great understanding of the challenges that come with eCommerce growth and expansion, as well as the specialised skillsets Allpress needed, Pixel Fusion got right to work, entering a cycle of continuous delivery. Their initial task? Replatform woo-commerce to Shopify Plus and launch Allpress’ new online global stores.

Allpress’ new eCommerce stores launched just as the pandemic hit, leaving Allpress in prime position to service their D2C channels. With the hospitality industry seemingly shutting down overnight, consumers went online for their coffee fix. And thanks to Pixel, Allpress had the platforms to keep up with the surge in demand, all while delivering premium customer service.

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Taking the big leap - providing support and guidance to form a full in-house development team.

While Pixel was initially contracted to relaunch Allpress’ eCommerce business, they didn’t stop there. Having cut their teeth on the eCommerce side of business, they went on to build and launch a global brand website, a cafe finder app, as well as identify opportunities and create optimisations and efficiencies across Allpress’ entire tech stack.

Through this all, Pixel has helped Allpress grow exponentially. Not only have they played a pivotal role in the transformation of the eCommerce business, with sales soaring, but also brand accessibility thanks to the development of the new global website. With new platforms, new systems and new processes in play, Allpress was ready to spread its wings even wider, forming a full in-house development arm. Pixel Fusion helped them along this journey, supporting them every step of the way and ensuring a smooth transition and handover. 

Throughout their partnership, Pixel has seen Allpress evolve from a primarily B2B business with eCommerce as an afterthought, to a B2B and D2C powerhouse. Thanks to the solid systems Pixel has put in place, Allpress is in the best position to continue to grow and develop.

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Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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