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Best practice product delivery is an ongoing process, which is why we don’t do down-and-dirty quick fixes or set-and-forget type jobs.

Instead, we’re at your side, making sure that we have our eyes peeled for blockages or disruptions. We also stay on the lookout for the fun stuff - improvements or opportunities for your product. This is why the product we get out to market as an MVP: it ticks all the boxes, and then we continue to build and evolve from there. Regular UX (user experience) health checks are part of the process, but we’ll also point out things we could improve or opportunities to follow up on. Sometimes that might mean a Content Management Platform (CMS) that might do the job better or a new software management system. If you’re keen, we’ll fold improvement or evolution into our regular design sprints, running on top of our product development cycle. That way, we can more efficiently combine product development with working in collaboration to identify and maximise opportunities.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

Your ideas. Our skills. We’re keen on great products, and the best ones are design-led giving customers an easy journey to the important stuff.

Helping you nail your goals


Getting aligned on your strategic goals.

When we all run in the same direction, our expert team can make recommendations based on your goals. Therefore our first step is an initial strategic workshop, to get under the hood of what you're wanting to achieve in the short-long term.


Goals change, so we adapt when you adapt.

Initial workshops, followed by quarterly alignment sessions allow your team and our team to stay in sync when it comes to strategic goals. Our work can make a real impact, and we love watching it help you nail those goals.


Discover and rate your opportunities.

Our opportunity mapping tool is aligned to your goals, so you can easily filter the pool of ideas and opportunities as they grow to see which ones might have the best impact, helping you narrow down which ones you want us to help validate.

- helping you take on the world with creative product solutions.

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Selina Chen
Developer, Pixel Fusion

We operate on a continuous product delivery cycle, meaning we’re always hustling to make products the best they can be. There’s no need to pause or slow down on the product that’s already out there because the design cycle runs separately to the product design cycle.

Sprinting for success, get the best of both worlds

A good discovery and design process needs a bit more time, especially when we need to chat to customers. So we run our design sprints over a quarter.

  • In month one, you ideate and choose a few different opportunities to explore. We do the customer research to find out which one will work best with your target audience.

  • In month two, we’ll flesh out the most viable opportunity, confirming all the details and mapping out the requirements so we can deliver the best possible result.

  • In month three, we finish our completed designs and feed them into the product delivery plan.

The world is your oyster here. The types of opportunities we have helped clients validate vary widely from unblocking conversion funnels to ideating completely new features/products.

Some examples we have recently are: identifying and clear blockages in online shopping carts, re-envisioning mobile responsive CTA's to increase conversions, to exploring and designing a better enrolment process for students.

All of them! We don’t like to fit inside a box, with a team of skilled developers with a range of skills, expertise and knowledge, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Here are just a few of the things we can do for you: Product Design & Development, Software Management, UI & UX, Solution Architecture, Optimisation & Management, eCommerce Development and Strategy Consulting, API Integration and Solution Architecture.

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Monthly UX health checks

In addition to design sprints, our team proactively identifies issues for your customers and seamlessly feeds them into the product delivery cycle, so you won’t run into any unexpected bumps.

Amy de Hamel
CEO, Pixel Fusion

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